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Some Family Team Members

Interesting Timbers has been a family owned and operated business for 32 years. When you visit or contact Interesting Timbers you will always meet or talk to us, David and Catherine (the family behind Interesting Timbers) and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry or assist in the selection of timber, supported by other members of our team. Catherine's links to sawmilling can be traced back to 1884.

David - Partner @ Interesting Timbers

David in 1995

Catherine - Partner @ Interesting Timbers

Emily - technology advisor


David in 1995



Our Timber

We have always been keen to prevent the decline in British Woodlands by promoting the use of locally grown timber as a sustainable resource and this is why we have resisted the trend to source our timber across Europe and the World. Interesting Timbers is a traditional sawmill, we have continued to buy trees locally, often being involved from before a tree is felled, through to loading on the timber lorry, sawing it into boards and eventually drying it and preparing it for use by furniture makers, craftspeople , designers, artists, home improvers, builders and architects. There is often a story to go with special trees and we try to pass these details on to the end user of the timber spending time with you and assisting in the matching of timber to client.

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Family History

A few years ago we were delighted when a family member researching the family history came across these photographs of Catherine’s Great Grandfather taken whilst sawmilling with his traction engine and team (the first traction engine to be bought at the county show) An extract from his Obituary published in the newspaper in 1922 shows that our values are a continuation of his, we may not use steam engines anymore but we continue to do all that we can to ensure that we provide the best customer service that we can.

Family sawmill photograph,Traction Engine at work 1884Family sawmill photograph,Long Bench Saw  

Great Grandfather "…was of a kindly disposition, he was always ready to help in everything for the benefit of the local institutions, ploughing and shearing societies’, bell ringing etc. alike found in him a ready friend. In 1884 he bought a traction engine from the Royal Show, thought to be the first engine in the County. When the traction engine was still a thing to wonder at, he was often seen running in front of it with the red flag, thus relieving the tired flagman. No job was too difficult for him to undertake and many almost impossible difficulties were overcome by him, his engine and his gang. His men, it may be said, loved him, and esteemed him for his thoughtfulness and consideration for them. So ended the earthly career of one of nature’s most kind, humble and generous gentleman…”

Extract from the local paper, Obituary 1922