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Waney Edged Boards

How we do business

We take great pride in our friendly, approachable and helpful manner and we are always happy to talk with you about your timber requirements.  If you know what you need, please call or email us to place an order or just to ask us to quote.  If you are not yet sure what you need or what is available then please contact us for a chat about it. Each client who makes an enquiry, visits or purchases is important to us and we do all that we can to ensure that we provide the best customer service that we can, we are always happy to talk with you. No order too large or small...


Quotations given are based upon us selecting the timber for you and are excluding VAT and delivery unless stated otherwise. We will always produce a VAT invoice for every transaction.

Quotations of £500 or more  assume payment direct to our bank by bank transfer.  This is to reduce our costs, which we pass onto you by charging less for our timber. For amounts under £500 we prefer payment direct to our bank.

If you require a quote for delivery let us know and we will work out the most economic form of delivery for you and provide a delivery quote (keep scrolling down to view delivery types in full)

Some enquiries will take longer to reply to as we may require a few hours to look at timber in order to match your enquiry requirements before confirming stock availability and price. (We have 10,000 Square Feet of timber storage at our Sawmill in Somerset)

Your email enquiry is important to us; we do receive high numbers of emails, if you haven't received an email response within 12-24 hours please call our office to check that your email has been received.

Occasionally our office staff may be unable to take your call straight away please leave a message on our answering machine as your enquiry is important to us.

Timber Selection, Collect & Mail Order

Most of our clients ask us to select their timber for them based on individual requirements. Visitors are welcome during general opening hours (by appointment) however, to avoid a wasted journey, please contact us before you visit, or if you are unable to pay us a visit, we will be happy to select your timber and dispatch it by carrier.

If you arrange to visit us by appointment to be involved in the selection of your timber as sawn boards with a member of staff, by appointment, the price will vary as you may select different boards than those quoted for. The boards you choose may be different in price, characteristics, size etc. Also when self-selecting you need to be aware that some of our  boards are priced on  an individual board price.

If you will be taking sawn timber on the same day as selecting with us, please read our payment methods accepted or discuss payment when booking your appointment to select.

If you need your boards cut to length to fit in your car or van we will be happy to do this for you without charge under instruction from you.  When you have decided upon the length we cut the boards as directed by you.

When quoting, we are generally pricing for timber and slabs which have been seasoned and are suitable for furniture making, we do not sell freshly sawn timber (wet timber) for furniture making usage. Freshly Sawn Timber is available for a variety of uses such as Oak Framing and Cladding, if you are unclear please ask.

Placing an order 

You can order by email or telephone, you cannot purchase directly off our website.

(We have found over the decades that each order and each tree is unique and individual and there is no standard requirement with regard to width, depth and length this is why we do not sell online with standardised sizing)

To place an order we will require your address and a contact telephone number and email address to confirm the order.

When making bespoke, one off items or when cutting timber for you we ask for payment in full or occasionally a deposit before proceeding with your order.

Payment in full is to be made before cutting timber to your specification, making one off bespoke items for you and before arranging collection or delivery of your timber.

Changes to sizes and quantities after the order has been placed may incur extra costs. Please check that you have ordered the correct quantity including allowances for any waste which may occur as orders for small extra amounts may not be available at the same cost as the initial timber order and additional delivery charges may apply.

Payment Our Preferred Method

Our preferred payment method is direct to our bank as this minimises our costs and the cost to you when buying our timber, whatever the invoice amount, and is the payment method we accept for orders over £500 from a UK based bank account.

When paying direct to our bank we will email an invoice to you when your order is ready, you simply use the bank details we provide to make your payment before arranging collection or delivery of your timber.

Allow at least one day for your payment to arrive with us as this gives us time to access our account and see your payment in our bank account. Due to patchy mobile phone reception it is not possible to pay using your mobile phone whilst in our yard and this is why we ask you to pay in advance of collection. 

If you have a non UK bank account charges may apply, please contact us for details.

Card Payments

We are happy to accept Debit, Credit Card and Company Card payments for transactions up to and below £500  from a UK based bank account. Processing Card payments is costly, this is to minimise our costs and the cost to you when buying our timber. For orders over this amount we prefer payment direct to our bank, if you wish to discuss payment methods please contact us.

Machining Service, please ask

We are happy to prepare your timber for you to order, if you do not have the facilities to do this yourself, however if you arrange to self-select timber we may not be able to do this while you wait.  For planed and prepared timber please contact us for details and prices just provide us with your finished sizes.

Timber enquiries


Click here to see our Timber Page

Smaller timber orders & Delivery by parcel carrier

The cost of postage depends on the length, width, depth and weight of your parcel.

We will choose the cheapest delivery option when quoting which is for 4-7 days unless you ask us to quote for a 1-2 day parcel delivery.

4-7 Days-delivery price starts from £8.00-Parcel to most UK Postcodes 

1-2 Days-delivery price starts from £14.00-Parcel to most UK Postcodes 

Highlands and Islands and some remote areas (including UK remote areas) starting prices vary and are worked out by geographical area post code, how often the parcel firm is in the area, size & weight.

Please contact us with your post code and the quantity of timber you require. You are welcome to collect from us if this is more convenient for you. Delivery may take several days from receipt of your order, although sometimes your items may arrive the next day. We use various carriers so that we can give you the best delivery prices available based on weight, size and our geographical area (pricing includes packaging and associated costs) We will always confirm delivery costs when you place an order and before we take your payment.

Once your delivery has been booked in with the carrier we will provide you with a parcel tracking number which will allow you to see exactly where your parcel is at any given time, giving you a better idea of when your parcel is expected to arrive. Whilst we make every effort to meet our delivery targets in the rare event that your parcel does not arrive when expected we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred. 

Deliveries outside the UK, Ireland, UK Islands, UK Remote Areas

Deliveries outside of the UK: for this service please contact us to discuss shipping costs.  Northern Ireland, Ireland and other UK Islands and remote areas of the UK may be subject to a surcharge.

Larger timber orders & Delivery

Larger timber orders will be delivered on our own vehicles or by specialist hauliers, whichever is most economic and appropriate. We will work out which type of service is to be used by postcode, size & weight of order.

Local delivery

Local deliveries will be on our own vehicles, if your goods are large, heavy or unusually shaped our driver may need help to unload.

Pallet Delivery

2-5 Day Economy Pallet To Kerbside Service:

When we are using a Pallet Haulier rather than our own vehicles we generally use an Economy Kerbside 2-5 Day Delivery.  Haulage quotations are always for an Economy Service, unless you specify that you require a next day delivery. With this service the haulier will call you with a 'delivery day' and 'time window', usually an approximate '2-4 hours slot'. If this 'slot' is not acceptable rescheduling with the haulier will result in additional delivery charges which will be passed onto you after you have received your delivery. If you need to know the exact delivery day in advance then the Next Day Pallet Service may be more suited to your needs.

Next Day Pallet Service:

If you need to know the delivery day in advance then you require a Next Day Pallet Haulier Delivery Service. This is a next day 'to the kerbside service'  and has an 'unspecified delivery time slot'. Please mention that you require this service when you contact us to discuss the haulage fees and to confirm that this type of service is possible in your area (next day is not available in some areas of the UK or remote areas of Scotland)

Once your consignment has been collected from us your delivery is in the hands of a third party and very occasionally any next day target may not be met, in which case your delivery will normally be the following day, this may happen if the parcel carrier or haulier has high volumes of consignments booked in for delivery in your area.

Whilst we make every effort to meet our delivery targets in the rare event that your consignment  does not arrive when expected we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred.

Timber is a natural material

Timber is a natural material and will expand and contract slightly with seasonal changes in humidity. Although we take care to minimise this by careful selection and seasoning of our timber some distortion may occasionally occur. Seasonal variations over time may affect timber slabs, resulting in some distortion. This is not a defect; it is a consequence of the nature of the material which adds to its charm and individuality.



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Returns & ADR

Data Protection (GDPR)

Payment Methods

Preferred payment method  is direct to our bank from a UK based bank account. Whatever the invoice amount.

Card Payment: We accept payments up to £500 from a UK based bank account but prefer payment direct to our bank. Processing Card payments is costly, this is to minimise our costs and the cost to you when buying our timber.

For orders over £500 we accept payment direct to our bank by online payment or BACS. This is a great way to pay. It minimises our costs and the cost to you when you buy our timber.

If you arrange to collect Allow one day for your payment to arrive with us if you arrange to collect your timber from us rather than have it delivered.

PayPal: We do not accept this type of payment.

VAT: We are VAT registered and VAT is charged on all sales.

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