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Customer Service

Each client who makes an enquiry, visits or purchases is important to us and we do all that we can to ensure that we provide the best customer service that we can.

Returns Policy

Whilst we take great care to ensure that your order when delivered arrives undamaged and we have had very few returns over the past 36 years, if you should notice any damage to the packaging or the contents please note this when signing for your goods and inform our office as soon as possible or within 7 days and in any event before the goods are used or cut.

If you believe that the  timber we sent you by delivery is damaged please tell us in writing with photgraphs within 7 days and if you have not already used or in any way worked the timber and we confirm that the timber has arrived damaged we will be happy to accept the timber back and give you a full refund minus any delivery charges and VAT associated with delivery.

However you must arrange to return all of the timber to us in its original unused condition and you will responsible for that return cost.

If the timber has been machined to your specification or has been cut to size at your request this is a '...bespoke...', '...custom made item...', then in these cases we will only refund if we agree that the goods are faulty. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Any agreed refund will only be issued once all of the timber has been returned to our Yard; you will be responsible for the cost of returning the timber to us.  

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Government regulations require businesses which sell directly to consumers to point the consumer to a certified ADR scheme (Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme) When a business cannot resolve a dispute in-house and once the trader has failed to resolve a dispute via their own Customer Service efforts the trader is required to advise the consumer of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body.

As we have a Returns Policy and under all circumstances are happy to talk to our customers and as we believe that Customer Service is the foundation of a reliable, transparent business, Interesting Timbers is not a member of an ADR scheme for traders. Information regarding ADR for consumers can be found on the Trading Standards UK website which has a list of approved ADR bodies who can be contacted if you have been unable to resolve a dispute with a trader.

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