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Interesting Timbers

Saw Milling

Timber is cut into boards to allow it to "season", which is to dry out, and we do this using either our Woodmizer LT40, which is fast and efficient for smaller logs up to about 650mm diameter or our Forestor 180, which can saw logs up to 1800mm diameter. When a tree is growing and even after it has been cut down it is described as "green", which means that it contains a great deal of moisture, which must be removed before the timber is stable enough to use for furniture or interior joinery.

We are happy to saw your own logs for you and you can take the timber away to season.  It is generally not economic to saw logs which are less than about 1m long and less than about 250mm in diameter.

Mobile Saw Milling

Woodmizer Saw Mill - Interesting TimbersIn addition to sawing logs in our yard we are able to bring our modern and efficient Woodmizer LT40 saw mill to your premises and convert your timber for you. 

If you have some felled timber which you would like to use for fencing or construction materials, or perhaps you would like to make an item of furniture to remember a favourite tree from your garden, we can quote to convert the log into something use-able for you.   Planked timber is worth considerably more than the logs would be and is easier to sell, to store and to handle.

Saw Milling small amounts of timber

If you only have a small amount of timber, it may be more economic to bring the logs to our yard and we can saw it for you here.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this service.

  The way it used to be done:  Steam powered sawmilling-traction engine. (Catherine's family photo)