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Oak Beams - Interesting Timbers

Extra Wide Planing

As Sawmillers and Timber Merchants since 1986 we have 32 years' experience of cutting, drying and selling interesting timber. In addition to our general machining services we are able to offer Extra Wide Planing, having invested in a new bespoke machine our planing capabilities have now expanded and we are happy to provide specialist, extra wide, machining services to furniture makers and designers. 

Our new machine has been specifically designed to David's requirements and will plane and flatten very wide slabs up to approximately 1.5 metres wide and just under 6 metres in length.

Quotations are done assuming a general finish on the top face only and are plus VAT. Both faces can be finished upon request and an extra fine finish may also be available. 

The photographs on this page show an extra fine finish. 

Please ask if you think that you might be interested in this service.

Single Slabs after planing

Planed WorktopSingle Slab After Planing

Joined Timber after planing

Planed Joined Timber

Specialist Sawmillers

We spend time in the cutting and drying of our large slab timber and general timber stocks which we carefully season over many years before we offer this beautiful natural product to our clients.

Experienced in the art of selecting, milling and the drying of interesting timber we can provide air dried and kiln dried timber and are happy to discuss the merits of both with our clients as well as suitability for individual projects.

Seasoning timber over many yearsWe cut and dry our own slabs


Wide Planing Service

We offer machining services to meet our client’s individual needs

Slab after planing

After Planing

Slab before planing

Before Planing

We dry our own timber

Drying Timber

We cut our own timber

Cutting Timber