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Specialist Timber Machining Service at our Sawmill

As Sawmillers and Timber Merchants since 1986 we have 35 years' experience of cutting, drying and selling interesting timber. In addition to our General Timber Machining Services we are able to offer 'Extra Wide Timber Planing', Specialist 'Slab Planing', Services 'with Sanding' if required

Having invested in a new bespoke machine, manufactured to David B.Eng (hons). specific design requirements we are happy to provide specialist, extra wide, machining services to furniture makers and designers.

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Square Edged Timber Planed (General Machining)

We have found over the decades that each order and each tree is unique and individual and there is no standard requirement with regard to width, depth and length these is why we do not sell online with standardised sizing. Email us with your individual requirements.

We can machine Square Edged Timber to your cutting list, cut and planed timber will not be available on the same day as ordering. Contact us for lead times and to discuss your projects individual requirements.

Quotations for square edged timber are based upon us selecting the timber for you and are excluding VAT and delivery unless stated otherwise. We will always produce a VAT invoice for every transaction.

Extra Wide Timber Planing-Waney Edged Boards & Wide Squared Edged Boards

Our new machine has been manufactured to David's design requirements and will plane and flatten very wide timber slabs up to approximately 1.8 metres wide and just under 6 metres in length.

We can quote to flatten one side or two; we also offer sanding on the top face (or both faces if you prefer) this will cost extra. Leaving the timber ready for you to apply a finish of your choice after delivery or collection. Please ask if you would like us to quote for this.

When quoting we are pricing for timber which has been seasoned and is suitable for furniture making, we do not sell freshly sawn timber (wet timber) for furniture making usage. Freshly sawn timber is available for a variety of uses, please ask us if you require this.

Extra Wide Timber-Planing timber tops that you have made yourself

We can Plane timber for you here at our Sawmill but unfortunately we do not plane resin (we only plane timber/wood) because the plastic waste contaminates the wood shavings which makes them very difficult and expensive to dispose of.

Email us photos of your timber top with sizes and quantities and we will look at feasibility, machining costs and lead-times.

You drop off your planks by appointment and collect by appointment when your timber is ready.

We cannot machine your planks while you wait, please ask about lead-times.

We do not machine re-claimed timber.

We do not plane wet or fresh sawn timber.

We do not offer kilning services for your planks or Air Drying services.

We do not offer storage for your timber planks once they have been machined.

The specialist timber machining process

The photographs on this page show an extra fine, sanded finish.

If you require an extra fine sanded finish please ask us to quote for this when you email us your project details.

Email us for a 'price estimate' and to see if we are able to offer specialist machining services to you and to ask about lead-times.

The pictures below show how the natural beauty within a pair of 'Sawn' Yew, Waney Edged (Natural Live Edge) Boards was revealed and enhanced during our specialist planing and sanding process. These boards were dried for five years before they were ready to machine and sell.


We flattened the rough sawn surface of the boards followed by our planing process; once this was complete we sanded the boards finishing off with a fine sanding process which revealed the unusual colouring within the boards    

Single Slabs after planing

  Single Slab After Planing  


Joined Timber after planing

Planed Joined Timber

Specialist Sawmillers- we mill at our Yard

We spend time in the cutting and drying of our large slab timber and general timber stocks which we carefully season over many years before we offer this beautiful natural product to our clients.

Experienced in the art of selecting, milling and the drying of interesting timber we can provide air dried and kiln dried timber and are happy to discuss the merits of both with our clients as well as suitability for individual projects.

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Seasoning timber over many yearsWe cut and dry our own slabs


Wide Planing Service

We offer Specialist Slab Machining Services to meet our client’s individual needs.

Slab after planing and extra fine sanding

After Planing

Slab before planing

Before Planing

We dry our own timber

Drying Timber

We cut our own timber

Cutting Timber

Drying Timber takes 5-10 years

Growing timber can take hundreds of years

Timber is a long term investment