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Solid Oak Roof Trusses

Traditional Structural Oak Frames, Bespoke Designs, By Interesting Timbers

...Our team is working to supply your Bespoke Oak Frame & Oak Roof Trusses...


...Photographs below show our frames after the client or their builder have completed their work onsite...

... We Bespoke Design your Structural Frame, make it and supply your frame as a kit of parts...

...for you or your builder to install onsite...


Bespoke Oak Structural Frames & Douglas Fir Structural Frames by Interesting Timbers

For more than 36 years we have specialised in bespoke, individual projects for clients, all our bespoke structural frames are designed exclusively by David B.Eng.

Over 206 Bespoke Structural Oak Frames have been crafted by us and are now part of clients’ finished projects (including an Oak Framed Roof for our own home)  Our Individually designed frames have been made for clients across the South West of England as well as one or two further afield in Scotland.

 ‘….Our own self-build project includes an Interesting Timbers bespoke Oak Framed Roof which was completed in August 2015, featured in our Self Build Photo Gallery…’

Oak Frames for you, your carpenter, builder or architect to install onsite

We Design and Make Bespoke Oak and Douglas Fir 'Structural Frames' and supply them 'as a kit of parts' (under the terms stipulated by our insurer) for you, your carpenter, builder or architect to install on site.

...We design and supply your bespoke frame....You, your builder or architect does the work on your building site...

Some sections may be delivered pre-assembled; you or your builder can just crane them into position on site. We can quote for delivery to site. We are happy to supply structural frames to self –builders who are managing their own projects, Building Contractors and Architects as well as Property Developers.

We do not deal with

The issues of planning permission or the construction details of any parts of the building work and our frames do not include glazing units and glazing strips (your glazing contractor supplies everything glass related)

If engineering is required we do not undertake this you employ your own structural engineering company to provide this.

The build process is organised by you, as project manager you arrange directly with your site subcontractors for the bespoke structural frame to be installed, the building work and glazing work etc. to be carried out.

We can give an '...initial cost estimate...' for the work from your drawings or even from your simple sketches.

There is no charge for this estimating work  if you email us your drawings, simple sketches or site survey. Please email us this information. COVID/Flu etc.-Safe System Of Work. We work to HSE Health and Safety Policy and Safe System of Work and to meet our insurance obligations.

Historically our clients have proceeded without visiting us in person; we can conduct business successfully by email and are always happy to talk to you by telephone.

When orders are placed we provide drawings by email attachment. We have office procedures and systems in place to ensure the smooth running of our business.

If our '...cost estimate is acceptable then we can...'

If this cost estimate is acceptable and you wish to proceed to the next stage with your project David can then spend the necessary design time required for quoting purposes.

You will need to enquire by email to receive an ‘initial estimate’ and we email you for all 'follow up Design Work' and 'quoting to design'.

We can design and make Oak and Douglas Fir Structural Frames for buildings from a simple porch to a complete home.  Oak roof trusses for barn conversions or for new buildings.


We accept payment direct to our bank by bank transfer from a UK based bank account. (We do not accept card payment, cash or PayPal or any other type of payment)  This is to reduce our costs, which we pass onto you by charging less for our timber products when we quote.

All our frames are designed exclusively for your individual project by David at our Emborough Sawmill

‘…Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...'

Please contact David, B.eng. (hons)


Closed Days

We always have some closed days coming up during the year when our yard and office are closed and we are always closed on Bank Holidays and at the weekend.

On closed days emails will be monitored but may not be answered straight away.

On closed days answer machine messages will not be monitored until we return to work.

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