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Interesting Timbers


English/Native Hardwood specialists/ Huge Sequoia Log Waiting to be sawnWe purchase trees in the round locally and across the UK, from managed woodlands, local estates, farmers and tree surgeons. Many of them are windblown or have been felled because they have outgrown their position. 

We have always been keen to prevent the decline in British Woodlands and this is why we have resisted the trend to source our timber across Europe and the World.  We have continued to buy trees locally, often being involved from before a tree is felled, through to loading on the timber lorry, sawing it into boards and eventually drying it and preparing it for use by a local furniture maker.  There is often a story to go with special trees and we try to pass these details on to the end user of the timber.

Timber Art

We can supply timber for and make bespoke sculptural timber pieces to your designs, including structural steel work required for installation. David is happy to work with you from conception to completion, drawing on his  sawmilling, bespoke timber work and design engineering experience.

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Yew timber stack ready for kiln  Air drying timber    Planed and prepared timber

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> Square Edged Timber

> Waney Edged Timber

> Oak Beams & Architectural Detailing

> Timber Cladding

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Bespoke Timber

If you have a special project in mind and you are not sure if it is possible or you need some one to help make your ideas a reality please contact us to for a chat.

Planed & Prepared Timber. Sanding a Walnut board

Carved detail