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A Selection From Our Stock

Although our table tops are generally made to order we often have some available to purchase now. Some of these table tops are single slabs in one piece and some are made by joining two or more planks.

We spend time in the cutting and drying of our large and small slab timber and squared edged timber, we carefully season our timber over many years before we offer this beautiful natural product to our clients. We have over 30 years’ experience in the art of sawmilling and the drying of interesting timber.The careful drying of slabs can often take between 5 to 10 years.  Producing timber suitable for table tops and furniture is a  long slow process and is a long term investment well worth the wait. When quoting, we are pricing for timber and slabs which have been seasoned and are suitable for furniture making, we do not sell freshly sawn timber (wet timber) for furniture making usage. Freshly sawn timber is available for a variety of uses, please ask us if you require this.

Our large and small Waney Edged Slabs (Natural Live Edge) for table tops and Squared Edged table tops will be supplied surfaced flat, planed and sanded on the top face. We can also supply large and small kitchen counter tops, bar tops, shelves and window boards to your sizes.

If you are interested in any of the items on this page or have a Table Top, Worktop, Desk Top, Bar Top or Window Board enquiry please contact us.

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Specialist machining service available

Table Tops

Waney Edged (Natural Live Edge)Timber Slab for Table Top (ref  SYCCA1)

Surfaced flat, planed & sanded on the top face

Waney Edged (Natural Live Edge)Timber Slab for Table Top (ref  Aus Cb1)

Average size Approx. 1m Wide by 1.8mm Long x 50mm Thick


Very Large Waney Edged,(Natural Live Edge) Elm Slab Table Top, Boards Book Matched (ref Elm Cb1)

This can be Surfaced Flat & Sanded on the top face if requested.

Average size Approx. 1150mm Wide by 2.7m Long x 41mm Thick


Waney Edged English Walnut Slab (Natural Live Edge) (large coffee table slab) (ref Wal Ca4)

This can be Surfaced Flat & Sanded on the top face if requested.

 Average size Approx. 700 to 900mm Wide by 2.5 Long x 50mm Thick


Waney Edged, Elm Slab Table Top (Natural Live Edge) (dining table size) (ref Elm Ca1)

Surfaced Flat & Sanded on top face.

Approx. 1m Wide by 2.8m  Long  x 45mm Thick


Waney Edged Slabs, currently as Sawn Boards, Over ten year’s air dried (some still remaining)(Ref Jar C15)

Several Sawn boards available.These can be Surfaced Flat & Sanded on the top face if requested.

Largest boards:One board Approx. 800mm to 1m Wide x 2.95m long x  45mm Thick

                          One board Approx. 900mm to 1.1m Wide x 2.95m long x 45mm Thick


Waney Edged Poplar Board, (Natural Live Edge) Surfaced Flat & Sanded on top face:(A couple still remaining)(Ref POPC2AB)

1950mm Long x 700mm Wide x 30mm Deep


     Square Edged Table Tops made to size for you, we make our bespoke, handmade tops to order


     Examples of tops we can produce to order