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Burr Elm

Table Tops,Desk Tops,Bespoke Kitchen Worktops,Countertops & Bar Tops

Interesting Timbers has 36 years' experience in the art of saw-milling, sourcing trees, planking and drying timber for furniture use.

"...From the tree to the table!..."

...We are able to select your timber to your specification and deliver it to you...Historically... for over 36 years... our clients have asked us to select their timber for them based on their individual requirements and have their timber delivered..."

‘…Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...'


...our team is working to select & supply your  timber...

...Mail order and pallet delivery and collection by appointment only...

...We select the timber for you; this keeps our costs down, a saving we pass onto you which means you pay less for our timber... 

...Over 36 years' experience of cutting, drying, selecting and selling interesting timber...

...We are craftsmen and craftswomen, joiners and artists, experienced furniture makers, we fully understand our customers’ requirements on all levels...

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*We always have some closed days coming up during the year and we are always closed on Bank Holidays and at the weekend

On closed days emails will be monitored but may not be answered straight away.

On closed days answer machine messages will not be monitored until we return to work.

Our contact details can be found on our contact page

Email us your project details

We may need to look at boards to check their suitability for your project therefore we may not be able to confirm availability straight away or pricing over the phone, this is why we like to email you. (Some patience on your side may be required)

Our  Solid Timber Tops

Our tops are suitable for domestic, commercial and contemporary settings, historic homes, industrial style spaces and where space or unusual sizing or shape is a consideration.

Our timber tops and bespoke solid wood tables are supplied top sanded, ready for a finishing product/surface treatment to be applied by you or your fitter.

Made to the size you need, for domestic and commercial settings, we can supply Waney Edge/Live Edge (Natural Live Edge) (Timber Planks) (Wood Slab) (Live Edge Wood) (Live Edge Timber), Square Sawn, Moulded Edges & Vintage Style tops in one piece or jointed to your sizes and shape.

We can produce Bespoke/Custom Made: Kitchen Countertops/Worktops, Feature Kitchen Island Countertops/Worktops, Table Tops, Bar Tops, Desk Tops, Simple Plank Tables, Plank Countertops/Worktops, Refectory Style Countertops/Worktops and Refectory Style Table Tops. We can also make bespoke solid wood tables to order.

Our  Single Slab, Book Matched, Jointed Tops are Suitable for large & small spaces

Single Slab Table Tops

Individual Slabs, Planks, Boards for table tops   

We are constantly trying to produce long and wide planks but finding large trees is difficult and they are often too heavy for lifting and transporting to a sawmill. When we do get large logs we cut them into planks for single board  table tops and one piece kitchen worktops, desk tops and bar tops but sadly only a small proportion of these boards will make it to the dining room or kitchen. For these reasons there are often only a few one off timber boards available for single board tops.


Jointed Table Tops & Worktops, Countertops

Waney Edged, Square Edged, Round Table Tops and Tops Cut To Shape

We are always able to make table tops, work tops, countertops and desk tops by joining several large or small boards together to make the size (width) you need. These can be square edged or waney/live edged, if we are unable to find the exact one piece top this may well be a viable option for you. Please specify that you require a quotation for a table top when emailing us.

Waney Edge/Live Edge Pippy Oak Kitchen Island Work Top (jointed)  Hand crafted Sycamore Worktop  Pippy Oak Table Top


Bespoke Handmade Solid Wood Tables made to order

Crossed Leg and Refectory Style Tables

We make bespoke tables to the size you require in solid wood, with solid wooden legs, for you to apply your own finishing product. Our tables come top sanded so that you, your carpenter, builder or french polisher applies waxes or a finishing product of your choice to the surface.

Perfectly sized to suit the space available, designed and handmade by David and Catherine especially for you in Oak, Ash, Elm and Cherry and occasionally other timbers, please specify that you require a quotation for a complete table when emailing us.


Bespoke made to order just for you!


Booked Matched Table Tops

We may be able to make a top for you from a pair of  rare book matched boards contact us if you would like to discuss this.

Tiger Oak (very rare)   Burr, Matched pair of boards (very rare)   Pair of matching Sequoia table tops

Bar Tops

For many years we have supplied bar tops for pubs, resturants, hotels, cafe/coffee shops and  for commercial refurbishments as well as private homes.

Oak Bar Top (laminated)  Ash Desk Top   Single Slab Top   

Small Bespoke Table Tops & Bespoke Kitchen Tops, Countertops to your sizes

If space is a consideration we can make a Bespoke Top suitable for your space. To discuss a top suitable for you and your room please email us the size and shape you require.

Several Jointed Boards (Table, Counter Tops..)    Waney Edge Pippy Oak Tabletop (close up-jointed) 


From tree to table

David, Catherine, Emily and our team are happy to assist you with your project requirements.


Working safely.

Vintage Style Table Tops

We are pleased to offer our Vintage Style Table Top, made from wide boards jointed by hand using traditional methods. The softly textured surface of this square edged table top gives the impression of a well-used and much loved old table top.

Our Vintage Style Table Top is ideal if you are trying to achieve a well-worn or antiqued look.

This table top can be made to order with, or without, Bread Board Ends, to the size you need.

This top is designed so that you, your carpenter or furniture maker applies a colouring product, waxes or a finishing product of your choice to the surface, allowing you to achieve an aged, rustic affect before you attach your own legs. This top is available to view here by appointment.



Bespoke Bench Tops to match your table top

  Ask us about our bespoke bench tops to match your table top.


Quotations are based upon us selecting the timber for you and may include Surfacing Flat, Planing with Sanding to the top face only and may include sanding to the edges, quoted prices are excluding VAT and delivery unless stated otherwise. Additional bottom face sanding can be quoted for upon request.

Tops are supplied planed and sanded on the top face and edges as specified in your quotation (both faces can be planed and sanded by request, please ask about pricing) Our timber tops are supplied top sanded, ready for a finish to be applied by you.

Table tops, worktops, countertops, desk and bar tops can be hand crafted for you at our Emborough sawmill to your sizes and shape, for you, your carpenter, cabinet maker, furniture maker or kitchen specialist to fit on site.  We do not apply wood treatments and finishing products to our timber tops as this is best done just before fitting onsite; you will need to make arrangements for this yourself, we do not supply finishing products or fixings.

When quoting we are pricing for timber and slabs which have been seasoned and are suitable for furniture making, we do not sell freshly sawn timber (wet timber) for furniture making usage. Freshly sawn timber is available for a variety of uses, please ask us if you require this.

COVID/Flu etc.-Safe System Of Work. We work to HSE Health and Safety Policy and Safe System of Work and to meet our insurance obligations.We select the timber for you, this keeps our costs down which means you pay less for our timber.

We are happy to discuss your project requirements and choose your timber for you based upon decades of experience, we not only produce timber we have always produced a range of bespoke timber items.

We will always produce a VAT invoice for every transaction.

We can deliver using our own Van or a Pallet Haulier, ask us for  a quotation by providing us with your delivery postcode (to read about our delivery options please look at our website Ordering Page) Alternatively you can arrange collection by appointment.

"When hand crafting our timber tops for you we produce each item as if it were for our own home."

As we are a sawmill producing our own raw materials we can also quote to supply timber only to clients  who would like to make up their own table tops and worktops etc. as either several planks to be joined or as a single board for a dramatic statement or feature piece.

Please contact us to discuss availability. The images on this page are of table tops we have recently supplied. Similar boards may still be available or we are happy to discuss alternatives with you.

For quoting we will require from you

For quoting purposes you just email us the following information:

  • Provide us with the finished size/sizes you require/trying to achieve and the quantity needed for your project.
  • Please include the finished Length and Width.
  • Do you want the top face sanded or both sides top and bottom sanded?
  • Do you require Waney edges, One Waney Edge with one Straight Edge or Straight Edges?
  • If you will be unable to collect just provide your post code for a delivery quotation.
  • For Table Tops please provide your finished sizes. For Worktops, Counter Tops and Bartops email us your sizes and project drawings (if you have some) and indicate if you will be joining your tops.

Timber is a natural material

We spend time in the cutting and drying of our large and small slab timber and squared edged timber, we carefully season our timber over many years before we offer this beautiful natural product to our clients.

Slabs which are wider and longer and those selected for character and special features may have some natural splits and naturally occurring elements which are not faults but are part of their charm.

We have over 34 years’ experience in the art of sawmilling and the drying of interesting timber and producing bespoke timber items. The careful drying of slabs can often take between 5 to 10 years.  Producing timber suitable for table tops and furniture is a long slow process and is a long term investment well worth the wait. Our timber is air dried or kiln dried.

Timber is a natural material and will expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity. Although we take care to minimise this by careful selection and seasoning of our timber slabs changes in humidity will occasionally over time result in some distortion. This is not a defect; it is a consequence of the nature of the material which adds to its charm and individuality.

We always quote on the basis that our timber slabs will be used inside. 

Email David & Catherine your project details and we will be happy to quote

We prefer to keep things straightforward by using one email address.


Your email enquiry is important to us; we do receive high numbers of emails and calls, we aim to respond within 1-4 days.

On some occasions it may take longer than this to reply, please remember that we will be looking at boards to find 'the one or many', just right for you.  If your project requirements are detailed and specific and if enquiry demand is high, this process may take around 7 days.

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive on a daily basis we do not communicate with clients via Facebook or Instagram, these accounts are used to occasionally post images of our Interesting Timber and Timber Products.

Table for life

Whether your taste is for Waney Edged, Vintage Style or Traditional Square Edged  Tops we can assist you.

Examples of our Waney Edged Table Tops

Example of our Straight Edged Table Tops (made from two pieces of timber)


A Selection From Our Stock (for table tops)

We were inspired to make our own table in 1994 and 25 years later it is as beautiful as the day it was made (we use it every day)

We cut all of the Elm timber for our own refectory style table from one tree.

Elm Table, 900mm wide made from 4 boards joined. Photograph taken Christmas 2015...table hand crafted by David in 1994

What People Say

David with Burr Elm Board, selecting timber for our own Elm Table: 1994

Our Table Tops, crafted from several boards jointed,  Single Slab and Book Matched.

We cut and dry our own timber the process can take 5-10 years

Trestle Legs

Hand sanding a table top

Specialist Planing Service

Alongside our general machining we offer a specialist wide machining and planing service for furniture makers and designers.

Wide Machining

Bar Top