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Waney Edged Timber

Waney Edged Timber (Natural Live Edge)

For over 35 years our clients have asked us to select timber to their specification, for delivery or collection by appointment without visiting us and this is the only way we can operate safely.

...We are working...selecting your timber for you...

...Mail order and pallet delivery and collection by appointment only...

...2021,Our team is working to select & supply your  timber...

...We can make delivery during times of National lock-down...

...We are craftsmen and craftswomen, joiners and artists, experienced furniture makers, we fully understand our customers’ requirements on all levels...

We may need to look at boards to check their suitability for your projects so we may not be able to confirm availability straight away or pricing over the phone.  (Some patience on your side may be required)

We can quote to select and supply timber as Waney Edged Boards (Natural Live Edge) (Wood Slab) (Live Edge Wood) (Live Edge Timber) with a Sawn Finish or Surfaced Flat and Planed on one or two faces, to your cutting list.

Email us your cutting list and we can work out the volume of timber including estimated wastage that you require, we will email you a price quotation.

For a delivery cost provide your delivery post code.

Remember to tell us what your project is and the species of timber you would like a quotation for (remember to let us know if you require Waney/Live Edges or Square Cut edges)

Our Price Guide is for general stock, ask about special features and sizes

Starting Prices we have price guided timber species as rough sawn boards, showing the thickness, 'to give you an idea of possible costs' if you are buying smaller widths and lengths.

If you require timber with special features, wider widths and longer lengths email us your project details and we will be happy to quote.

The guide prices listed are in pounds per cubic foot 'for our general stock', smaller widths and shorter lengths, as selected for you by us, excluding VAT.

PRICES for Waney Edged Timber 'not selected for special features' can be found here

Timber Selection for Special Features & Sizes

Particularly Interesting Boards, Planks, Slabs, various Single Slabs, Wood Slabs, Long and Wide Boards, Quarter Sawn Oak, Pippy Oak, Burr Oak, Brown Oak boards, Rippled, Spalting etc. Rare and Unusual Sized boards are always priced individually and not necessarily at the cubic foot prices listed. Boards like this, with special features etc. tend to be individually priced to reflect the high demand for these boards, the difficulty in producing them and their scarcity.

Our Boards

We keep most of our timber stocks in 'sawn' form and you are welcome to buy boards which are rough sawn.

Producing timber suitable for a range of projects including furniture is a long slow process which can take many years, a long term investment which is well worth the wait, ‘…Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...'

We can quote to machine your timber, machining when requested is done to order.

Timber for delivery David and Catherine are operating for orders for parcel and pallet delivery.

Local Trade's People and collection please contact us by email for details of how you may be able to arrange collection by appointment.

COVID-19 and after Vaccination.We operate for orders placed in advance for collection, to our booking in criteria and for delivery by parcel carrier, commercial pallet haulier and our own local delivery service. We do not offer self-selection of timber, we select for you; this is not new to us as we have spent over 35 years selecting timber to suit client’s individual requirements. We are also experienced in the art of cutting, and drying timber as well as machining timber and making bespoke timber items for clients and ourselves.  We work to HSE Health and Safety Policy and Safe System of Work and to meet our insurance obligations, members of the public are unable to enter our Sawmill this is for your protection as well as ours.

As stock is continually changing, we may have some timber species or sizes which are not listed. Similarly, an item on the list may be unavailable, or due to be available within a few days, weeks, months or years depending on where the timber is in the drying cycle.  Please contact us if you are not sure or if you require general, unusual or interesting timber, we are happy to discuss your requirements and pricing.

When quoting we are pricing for timber which has been seasoned and is suitable for furniture making, we do not sell freshly sawn timber (wet timber) for furniture making usage. Freshly sawn timber (wet timber) is available for a variety of uses, please ask us if you require this.

You can't buy directly off our website as we have found that there are no standard requirements with regard to width, depth and length: if you can tell us what you need we will be happy to quote  or suggest alternatives where appropriate.

Email us your project details and we will be happy to quote

Your email enquiry is important to us; we do receive high numbers of emails and calls, we aim to respond within 1-4 days.

On some occasions it may take longer than this to reply, please remember that we will be looking at boards to find 'the one or many', just right for you.  If your project requirements are detailed and specific and if enquiry demand is high, this process may take around 7 days.

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive on a daily basis we do not communicate with clients via Facebook or Instagram, these accounts are used to occasionally post images of our Interesting Timber and Timber Products.

Email David & Catherine your project details and we will be happy to quote

We prefer to keep things straightforward by using one email address.


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