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Wood Turning, Bowl Blanks & Turnery Squares

For over 35 years our clients have asked us to select timber to their specification, for delivery or collection by appointment without visiting us and this is the only way we can operate safely.

...We are working...we select your timber for you...

...Mail order and pallet delivery and collection by appointment only...

...2021,Our team is working to select & supply your  timber...

...We can make delivery during times of National lock-down...

...We are craftsmen and craftswomen, turners, joiners and artists, experienced furniture makers, we fully understand our customers’ requirements on all levels...

Check Bowl Blank & Turnery Square Stock by emailing us

Email Emily your list and she will be happy to check if it is in stock on the shelf or can be cut to order for you.

Email us the size and quantity you require and we will confirm timber species, prices and availability.

Please make sure that your email system uses the contact address below:


You can also email us using the email address on our contact page.

Timber for delivery David and Catherine are operating for orders for parcel and pallet delivery.

Local Trade's People please contact us by email for details of how you may be able to arrange collection by appointment.

COVID-19 and after Vaccination.  We operate for orders placed in advance for collection, to our booking in criteria and for delivery by parcel carrier, commercial pallet haulier and our own local delivery service. We do not offer self-selection of timber, we select for you; this is not new to us as we have spent over 35 years selecting timber to suit client’s individual requirements. We are also experienced in the art of cutting, and drying timber as well as machining timber and making bespoke timber items for clients and ourselves.  We work to HSE Health and Safety Policy and Safe System of Work and to meet our insurance obligations, members of the public are unable to enter our Sawmill this is for your protection as well as ours.

We like our customers to be happy with our timber and service

"...Many thanks for the timber. Arrived Wednesday and my daughter unwrapped it and really loves the plank. Oh yes she said the blanks were great as well. Once again thanks very much indeed and I will be in touch with you again in the not too distant future. 

 Regards John..."

What people say about our timber and service

Mail order available click here for how to order

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For bowl blank and spindle prices, please email us the size and quantity you require and we will confirm timber species  prices and availability.

*If we do not have the size you require in stock we may offer to cut from a large board for you, which may cost a little more.

*If you don't see the size you would like please ask us by email and we will check if we can do the size you require.

Bowl Blanks



(Dia. x Depth, in inches)


Ash, Lime, Sycamore, Oak

Acacia, Apple, Cherry, Lightly Spalted Beech, General Beech

Yew, Rippled Sycamore, London Plane

English Walnut,Elm, Mulberry, Laburnum

5 x l



5 x 2



5 x 3



5 x 4



6 x 1


6 x 2


6 x 3


6 x 4


7 x 1


7 x 2


7 x 3


7 x 4


8 x 1


8 x 2


8 x 3


8 x 4


9 x 1


9 x 2


9 x 3


9 x 4


10 X 1


10 x 2


10 x 3


10 x 4


11 x 1


11 x 2


11 x 3


11 x 4


12 x 1


12 x 2


12 x 3


12 x 4


Turnery - Squares (per foot length)

1 x 1


2 x 2


3 x 3


4 x 4


5 x 5